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Recently, the entire Gondolin team dedicated a workday to volunteering at the West Calder Community Woods and Garden. Despite the humid, rainy weather, our team worked tirelessly throughout the day, contributing to various projects aimed at maintaining and enhancing the community woodland area. This effort not only allowed us to bond outside the office but also to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Our Day at West Calder Community Woods and Garden

Throughout the day, we completed several key tasks, including:

Gondolin Director transporting gravel to help with drainage
  • Creating a Compacted Gravel Base: Within a poly tunnel, our team laid a compacted gravel base to ensure a stable foundation for future use.
  • Building Raised Plant Beds and Worktops: We constructed raised plant beds and worktops, preparing the area for future planting activities.
  • Conducting Drainage Remediation Works: A crucial part of our efforts was focused on improving water management through drainage remediation works around the poly tunnels, a key aspect of effective drainage design in West Calder.
  • Laying a Brick Patio: We created a brick patio area, which will serve as a pleasant seating area for visitors.
  • General Manual Labour: Our team also engaged in various manual tasks, such as moving lumber, soil, and other materials to support the day’s projects.

About West Calder Community Woods and Garden

The Community Woods and Garden is a vital part of the West Calder area, featuring beautiful woodland trails, a thriving growing space, a community workshop, and more. All the food grown here supports local community shops and clubs, ensuring fresh, locally-sourced produce is available to residents.

Additionally, the site serves as an educational hub. Schools, nurseries, and other groups frequently use the outdoor classroom and picnic area to teach children about gardening, cooking, and sustainability. These programs use produce grown on-site to create meals, offering hands-on learning experiences.

The Impact of Effective Drainage Design in West Calder

One of the most significant tasks we undertook was the drainage remediation works. Effective drainage design is crucial for the sustainability of garden areas, especially in regions like West Calder, where managing water flow can prevent soil erosion, waterlogging, and other issues. By enhancing the drainage system, we helped ensure that the poly tunnels and surrounding areas will remain functional and productive, even in adverse weather conditions.

A Valuable Experience for Our Team

Gondolin Team Charity Day

Our charity day at the West Calder Community Woods and Garden was an enriching experience. It allowed us to step away from our usual work environment and contribute to a project that benefits the entire community. We are grateful for the opportunity to help and extend our thanks to the Community Woods and Garden for having us.

At Gondolin, we believe in the importance of community engagement and look forward to participating in more initiatives like this in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, feel free to contact us

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