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The Importance of Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDS)

Gondolin’s Civil Engineers and Hydrologists have significant experience in the design of Sustainable (urban) Drainage Solutions (SuDS) and surface water drainage across all Sectors. SuDS are a legal requirement across the UK and are required for almost all developments. We have provided a range of bespoke SuDs and surface water drainage solutions over the years for a range of developments from small housing schemes to 3000 plot masterplans and to service industrial, waste management and onshore infrastructure sites. The basis for SuDS design in the UK is CIRIA Report (C753) “The SuDS Manual” however local guidance and stakeholder guidelines also exist and should be referenced accordingly.

SuDS seeks to promote drainage solutions which ‘mimics’ the natural hydrological processes whereby the rate and volume of runoff from development sites is at least equivalent to the pre-development scenario. SuDS also provides water quality treatment prior to discharge to the environment and our engineers are well versed in applying the Simple Index Approach to our designs.

Tailored SuDS Solutions for Throughout Development

We support developers at the early project stages to ensure adequate space is afforded for suitable SuDS methods and seek to design solutions which are sympathetic to the development proposals, the local landscape setting and take account of any sensitive receptors present. We then support developers through the planning process, post planning and prepare construction design packages for contractors where we would oversee installation to provide our clients Quality Assurance. We also undertake detailed Health & Safety Design Risk Assessments to inform the geometry of our design and factor in considerations such as access and maintenance requirements.

A Design of a SuDS pond for a client to help Water Drainage

Use of Industry-Standard Drainage Design Software

Our Team have access to the latest industry standard drainage design software which is endorsed by stakeholders and regulators. This enables us to prepare designs for both straightforward and modestly sized schemes and undertake large scale network / complex models for industrial estates, housing masterplans, retail parks and onshore renewable developments which span larger areas. We pride ourselves in always being able to find a suitable SuDS solution for developers which are acceptable to stakeholders and commercially viable. No matter how constrained a site may appear to be our Team of experts are on hand to advise!

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