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Our Team have a proven track record in providing Water Quality Monitoring services to our clients across all Sectors, however predominantly within the Onshore Renewables, Mining & Minerals and Industrial, Retail & Manufacturing fields.

Developing Effective Water Quality Monitoring Plans (WQMP)

We develop detailed WQMPs for developers typically at the post planning stages where planning conditions require an approved WQMP to be agreed with stakeholders and implemented before, during and after construction to demonstrate there has been no deterioration of the water environment as a result of the development. This is typically associated with onshore windfarm / infrastructure projects and we have successfully designed and implemented WQMPs for well-known market leading developers in the UK.

Members of Gondolin undertaking Water Quality Monitoring

We have also undertaken focused Water Quality Monitoring to inform Private Water Supply risk assessments and Environmental Permit, Pollution Prevention Control and Controlled Activities Regulations Applications for developers where water abstractions and discharges are being proposed. We also provide pollution incident response services where our team would mobilise at short notice and take extractive samples for analysis at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Advanced Technology for Remote Monitoring

Our Team are experienced and trained in the use of the latest water quality sampling technology (such as in-situ probes) and can set up remote monitoring stations (flow, water quality and rainfall) which transmit live results to a portal where we can access and manage the data capture remotely. The remote monitoring systems allow us to view and react to any sudden changes in local water quality conditions and enable prompt investigation.

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