Gondolin Land & Water


With a wealth of experience within this sector, our team can support your development's needs.

Gondolin’s Experienced Team have a track record and a wealth of experience in supporting a range of clients and developments in the Waste Management Sector. Our experience is mainly UK wide but also includes international experience in North America.

Our Civil Engineers and Environmental Specialists are experienced in supporting with developments such as Landfills, Recycling Centres / Civic Amenity Sites, Anaerobic Digestion Plants and Composting Sites.

Our support typically includes contributing to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Earthworks and 3D Design, Flood Risk Assessments, Surface Water Drainage & SuDS Design, Surface Water Management Plans, Soil and Peat Management Plans, Road and Access Design, Undertaking Site Investigations, Design of Watercourse Crossings, Wastewater Treatment Design, GWDTE Assessments, Borrowpit Design, Fire Water Storage and Retention, Contribution to Landfill Restoration Plans, Leachate Management Plans, Environmental Management Plans, Water Quality Risk Assessments, Wastewater Management Plans, Preparation of Pollution Prevention Plans, and Securing Environmental Consents for Abstractions, Discharges and Engineering Works in the Water Environment.

Our senior colleagues have supported well known UK names over the years in previous roles such as Viridor, Suez, Biffa, Veolia, FCC as well as other small-medium sized companies and also assisted with the design of Local Authority Civic Amenity Sites. Our wide ranging experience allows us to tailor our approach to suit.

Here are some Waste Management projects we have worked on:

Recycling and Waste Management Support near West Lothian