Gondolin Land & Water


With our client  focused support, we provide efficient technical solutions.

Development of Brownfield Sites and Urban Regeneration is a critical area within this Sector in providing sustainable housing and spaces for people to live and thrive. Our Team are well versed and knowledgeable in this area providing focused Environmental Solutions and Civil Engineering design services in often space constrained environments with legacy constraints. We also support developers with the design and technical assessment of conventional residential schemes located on Greenfield Land which is allocated for such use.

Our Team provides services for small-medium scale developments, individual land owners and supports Master Developers with regional Masterplan developments. Fundamental to our approach in supporting developments in this Sector is balancing the commercial requirements of our clients with focused cost efficient technical solutions, sustainability requirements and environmental and social objectives.

Our support typically includes contributing to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Earthworks and 3D Design, Flood Risk Assessments, Surface Water Drainage & SuDS Design, Road and Access Design, River Restoration and Diversions, Undertaking Site Investigations, Design of Watercourse Crossings, Wastewater Treatment Design, GWDTE Assessments, Sewer Diversion and Replacement Design, Construction Environmental Management Plans, Water Utilities Consultation and Connection Applications and Securing Environmental Consents for Abstractions, Discharges and Engineering Works in the Water Environment.

We have become increasingly involved in supporting with the design and assessment of new Retirement Villages across the UK and our Team is very knowledgeable in this growing Market within the Sector.

Here are some examples of projects within the Property & Urban Regeneration sector:

Surface Water Drainage Site Visit in Ayrshire
Drainage Impact Assessment for a Storage Lockup Development
Site Survey Works in Lincolnshire, The Midlands & Yorkshire