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Gondolin’s Hydrologists have relevant experience in assessing Natural Flood Management (NFM) options and conducting detailed studies for landowners, estates and developers.

NFM is a sustainable approach to reducing flood risk and compliments more conventional engineered flood risk management methods. It involves working across the landscape (typically in upland and / or agricultural settings) to protect, restore or mimic the pre-existing hydrological processes that occur. These include increasing the infiltration of water into soils, slowing the flow of water across the landscape and retaining silts and sediments at source.

NFM can also provide a range of complementary co-benefits such as habitat creation, carbon storage and water quality improvements. We have undertaken detailed NFM studies and prepared optioneering reports for clients across the UK. Our approach takes due cognisance of key guidance documents such as CIRIA Report C802 (the Natural Flood Management Manual) and the SEPA Natural Flood Management Manual.

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