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Our Hydrologists and Civil Engineers are experts in developing Silt Management Plans for clients in the UK Mining & Minerals Sector and our senior Team also has relevant international experience in continental Europe and North America.

We support quarry and mine operators in the design and implementation of silt management measures, our approach seeks to balance often conflicting demands on operators such as optimising silt settlement, minimising maintenance / de-silting requirements, enabling clean re-circulation of water for wash plant, minimising water abstraction and satisfying the criteria of discharge permits. We have developed bespoke silt management plans for clients across the UK in often space and environmentally constrained settings and can also assist operators with fulfilling permitting requirements and general compliance.

We can also offer water quality and hydrometric monitoring services to our clients to monitor the performance of the implemented silt management plans and provide them reassurance that the measures implemented are providing the desired results.

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