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Gondolin are pleased to offer Site Investigation services to our clients, which are primarily to inform the design of drainage systems, wastewater treatment schemes, SuDS, earthworks design, formations and roads etc. We also undertake soil sampling to inform land quality risk assessments, soil percolation / soakaway tests and the design of groundwater monitoring and abstraction wells.

Relevant members of our Team are trained in matters of health and safety, buried services detection, asbestos awareness and consideration for the public in more ‘urban’ settings.

Our Team are able to prepare Site Investigation briefs, undertake / coordinate the works, input to interpretative reports, prepare borehole and trial pit logs and undertake associated calculations and modelling. We then use the information gathered to prepare our designs / assessments. Having involvement in all stages described above allows us to focus in on the exact requirements which promotes time and cost efficiency savings for our clients.

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