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In collaboration with APT PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT LIMITED, Gondolin Land & Water has submitted an application on behalf of the landowner seeking planning permission for the construction of a hydro-power scheme on the Auchencar Burn on the beautiful Isle of Arran. 

hydro power scheme plan on the isle of arran

Auchencar Hydro Power Scheme Overview - Submitted for Approval

Positioned among the fantastic landscape of Auchencar, the proposed hydro power scheme will have a turbine house that seamlessly integrates with the existing cluster of buildings. The majority of the project's infrastructure is designed to be underground, minimizing disturbance during construction and preserving the natural beauty of the area. A small dam / intake structure will be constructed in the upper catchment of the Auchencar burn with a compensation flow and offtake to the hydro power penstock pipe.

Renewable Energy Supply and Sustainability on Arran 

isle of arran burn used for the hydro power scheme

A view from the Auchencar Burn

The supply and cost of energy are seen as crucial factors in the everyday life on Arran, affecting both domestic and business sectors. The client aims to add a sustainable source of energy production to primarily meet their business energy needs, while also powering their domestic usage and supporting a small number of local residents in the area.

The proposed scheme promotes the development of renewable energy projects and will be built using local sustainable materials, as well as ensuring the proposals are sympathetically integrated into the sensitive landscape setting. If the planning application is approved, Gondolin will be providing continued support to the applicant and oversee the detailed design and construction phase on their behalf. Fingers crossed for a successful planning outcome!

The Gondolin team have significant experience in providing engineering support throughout the project timeline in the Onshore Renewables sector. If you'd like to know more about us, or ask us any questions, visit out Contact page for details.

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