Gondolin Land & Water


Understanding Water Supply and Resources

Gondolin’s Hydrologists and Hydrogeologists are experienced in the assessment of Water Supply and Resources to support developers across all Sectors. The sustainable use and management of our water resources is an increasingly important consideration in society and the development of sites.

Expert Hydrologists and Hydrogeologists

We typically provide support for the design of hydropower and pumped storage hydro schemes, abstraction for potable water use, aggregate washing and processing, industrial and manufacturing uses (i.e. paper mills, metal processing, distillery sites etc) and undertake water balance assessments for the design of reservoirs and input to mine closure plans.

Assessing Water Supply and Resources for Development

Our Team are also experienced in undertaking field work to determine surface water and groundwater resource availability via in-situ flow monitoring, undertaking rising / falling and constant head tests and the design / installation of remote hydrometric monitoring systems. Our Hydrologists and Hydrogeologists work closely with our Civil Engineers to both undertake the water resource studies and design the infrastructure for the intake, storage and outfall configurations.

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